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8+ Yrs


8+ Yrs


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2. Choose one or more games
3. Contact us to arrange conditions

Conditions And Cost

Payment due on pick up.

Every game has been checked for completeness.

All games are cleaned and quarantined for 3 days since its last use.

Base rental period is 2 days, maximum rental period is 7 days.

Maximum of 3 games per household.

Single Board

for 2 Days

30 Dhs

+1 Game = +10 Dhs

+1 Day = +10 Dhs

There is a deposit of 100 Dhs, returnable after return of the Games


A board game rental service allows you to borrow a variety of board games for a certain period of time. It offers the opportunity to try out numerous games without having to purchase each one individually.

Yes, most rental services allow you to rent multiple games at once. However, keep in mind that renting more games may increase the rental fee.

Rental periods vary from service to service, ranging from a few days to a couple of weeks or even a month. The specific terms will be outlined by us