• Contact us to discuss details and book a date.
  • One of your teams will host the board game event, having a selection of games available to play.
  • Our expert will explain the rules and set the scene of each game, answer any questions as you play.

Conditions And Cost

Payment is due at the start of the event.

Every game has been cleaned and checked for completeness.

Base session is 1 group for 2 hours regardless of number of games.

Single Group

for 2 Hours

350 Dhs

+1 Hour = +75 Dhs

* Group size depends on the chosen games (max 5 ppl)

Additional Info

Payment due on pick up.

Every game has been checked for completeness.

All games are cleaned and quarantined for 3 days since its last use.

Base rental period is 2 days, maximum rental period is 7 days.

Maximum of 3 games per household.


A board game experience is an event or service designed to provide a comprehensive and engaging encounter with board games. This can include learning new games, refining strategies in familiar ones, and sharing the enjoyment of gameplay with others.

A board game experience may involve one-on-one or group gameplay, tutorials for learning new games, strategy workshops, and even themed events around specific games. The specifics vary based on the organizer.

A board game experience is typically open to anyone, regardless of age or level of familiarity with board games. It's an opportunity for everyone from novices to seasoned players to engage with board games in a fresh and exciting way.